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Chiropractic – Your First Appointment

What to bring

Please bring a list of all medications and reports, paperwork of previous investigations, illnesses and accidents.

Your Initial Consultation and Treatment will involve

  • information about your condition
  • you will be asked questions about your medical history
  • observation of your posture
  • physical examination
  • appropriate clinical tests, such as muscle strength, reflexes, blood pressure
  • examination of joint movement, muscle tension, nerve health
  • diagnosis and explanation
  • discussion and explanation of an individual treatment and management care plan for you
  • if required,  discussions about further investigations such as an X-ray, CT or MRI or blood tests.
  • treatment which may include massage, stretching, the gradual moving of joints (‘mobilisation’), manipulation of the spine where needed, dry needling (to help reduce pain, inactivate trigger points and restore function) and use of an activator (a hand-held instrument used to manipulate joints) and use of a electrical massage thumper.

What to wear

We want you to feel comfortable during examination and treatment appointments, whilst massage can be done through clothing or direct onto skin, dry needling requires exposed skin.   As a rule, please wear loose, soft clothing, avoid anything bulky like jeans or cords. You are welcome to bring items to change into or wear suitable clothing underneath your everyday clothes.
Many female patients wear stretchy leggings or loose shorts and then a strappy camisole type top and most males wear comfortable underpants, boxer shorts or shorts.