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I have been involved in sport as an athlete, coach, massage therapist and now a sports therapist. I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7, gaining many accolades until his forced departure from the sport through injuries. I then decided to become a swimming coach for the same team he swum for to continue his passion and participation in the sport.

Determined not to see anyone else have the misfortune I had, he decided to gain a sports massage qualification and work as a sports massage therapist. With his experience working for a physiotherapist in Portsmouth, going to events such as the great south run and picking up private clients, I decided to further advance his knowledge to help others.

I qualified as a sports therapist from the University of Chichester and looks forward to aiding injured people achieve a speedy recovery and get back to their normal function or sport fitter and stronger. I also have a passion to further clinical research and is looking to produce some pioneering studies in sports therapy treatments.