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Counselling Psychotherapist Marie Watkins

My name is Marie Watkins and I am a Counselling Psychotherapist with 20 years of experience working in a variety of settings.  

Through my own personal experience I am aware of how difficult and challenging  life can be.  I have experienced life events and challenges that have left me feeling overwhelmed. confused, lost and defeated. It has been difficult to understand the impact of these experiences upon myself and my life. To have a sense of the way forward has felt, at these times, almost impossible.  It was at this time that I sought therapy  

My own experience of therapy was a transformative one, helping me to achieve meaningful change. Working with my therapist gave me a safe space in which to try and talk about my experiences. I was able to speak freely knowing that I would not be judged and so began a process where I began to come to a better more compassionate understanding of myself and was able to develop a healthy relationship with myself. 

It was this positive experience that was the driving force behind my decision to train as a therapist so that I could help others in a similar way.  

There are many and varied reasons why people seek counselling or therapy with no problem being too big or too small. Modern day life can leave us struggling to balance work, family and relationships resulting in us experiencing feelings of failure, self doubt, low confidence, feeling overwhelmed, confused, lost, defeated and burnt out. At times we can experience significant change and loss. We can be left with feelings of low mood and anxiety and struggle to make sense of our experience. Maybe we realise that difficult past events or life experiences continue to affect us. We may realise that ‘something isn’t quite right’ but be unsure as to what is happening or why we are thinking and feeling the way that we do. Therapy can provide a confidential space where we can begin to work towards gaining healing, growth and personal resilience.

The idea of having therapy can be a daunting one and taking the first step can take courage. I am able to offer a free half hour online  initial consultation where we can consider your current situation, any questions you might have and how therapy might be able to help.  If you would like to contact me you would be very welcome to do so.